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Mondays for Moms: Slow Sink or Tub Drain

Monday, February 15, 2016 - 8:19am

Tip#4: Clean your drain stoppers

Do you have a slow drain in your sink or tub/shower?

First place to look is your drain stopper. You may have hair or build up around it.

  • First step is to remove the stopper.
  • One way to pull out the blockage is with your fingers (you might want gloves) or a pair of needle nose pliers or tweezers.
  • If you see no hair or build up, another way is to clear the clog is with a plunger.
  • Seal the overflow drain with a wet rag or tape.
  • Add enough water in your sink or tub/shower to cover the bottom inch of the plunger.
  • Get a good seal and continuously plunge up and down several times.
  • Remove the plunger and allow the water to drain. You might want to run more water as it drains so it can flush out the clog.
  • If it does not drain faster, try plunging again.

One time in my house, my bathroom sink drained slowly. Days later I pulled the stopper and looked in the drain with a flashlight only to find a rock! I pulled it out with what I had on hand: tweezers. My 3 year old liked to collect rocks and wash them when no one was looking. Sometimes you will be surprised to find what is in your drains.

*If those 2 ways did not work, call your plumber. Do NOT pour drain cleaning chemicals down your drain. They are hazardous to humans and animals and the chemical cleaners could eat your drain lines.

Mr. Rooter sells an environmental safe, human and animal safe, non-chemical drain treatment called BioChoiceES. BioChoiceES can clear slow drains in 3-7 days depending on the condition of your drain. I’m a big fan of theBioChoiceES. I have used it in my sinks and tub.

~Kimberly, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Happy Valley

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