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Whenever you have a plumbing problem, it can certainly negatively impact the entire flow of your home. If the problem is that of a clogged drain, it can definitely put a damper on all your household chores and other things you need to do around your home. For fast and reliable service, don’t hesitate to call the drain cleaning experts at Mr. Rooter of New Milford. Mr. Rooter has a standard to live up to and we do so with a pride of workmanship and quality service. With us, you can count on a quick response and experienced service to clear whatever drain may be giving you trouble, either due to a slow drainage, a clog or a backup of water into your home. If your sink or tub is not draining in seconds, take a few seconds and call Mr. Rooter of New Milford!

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Your home has many types of drains that all work a little differently, even if their main goals are all to drain waste water from your home. That means that you need a plumber who is well equipped and experienced to handle any type of drain and any substance that could be clogging it. If you have a problem with your kitchen sink, it is most likely clogged or running slow because of soap, oils and bits of food, while your bathroom drains are probably clogged because of hair, toothpaste and dirt. Completely different would be your floor drains, which tend to be clogged because of debris, leaves and sticks. Any one of these drains can also be clogged by any foreign objects that might have accidentally fallen into or down them. Our plumbers are all skilled at removing clogs of any kind from any type of drain with skill and professionalism.

Many of our customers do not understand the difference between store bought drain cleaners and the professional grade equipment and supplies that a licensed plumber uses. Store bought drain cleaners are made from much harsher chemicals and substances than what we use and can cause irreparable damage to your pipes, drains and sewer system. While this might seem like an easy fix for your slow running drain, we advise against it. Most of the time these drain cleaners do not work as you wish to actually unclog the drain, but only work to cause more damage.

Along with our high levels of superior customer service and excellence of plumbing knowledge, Mr. Rooter of New Milford shows our level of dedication to the customer in many different ways. When you call on us to help with your drains, we never charge any overtime or expensive hourly fees because all of our services are charged by the job. This means that you will know before the job starts what your cost will be and you are able to make an educated decision. Mr. Rooter is also available any hour of the day and night to assist you with all your drain cleaning emergencies. For excellence in work and service, call us today!

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