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Farts and Crafts: Toilet Paper Roll Planters

By Hannah Haselhoff

Don't have a green thumb, but would love to have your own herb or flower garden? This easy DIY project is for you!

I've always dreamed of having fresh vegetables that were seasoned from herbs from my own garden. I started with seeds using planters that I made from toilet paper rolls. These planters were the perfect resource, as they were easy to make and cost next to nothing (besides buying the toilet paper). These planters gave my seedlings the perfect start before they were ready for the big outdoors!


  • Toilet paper or paper towel rolls
  • Potting soil
  • Seeds
  • Scissors
  • Duct tape
  • Small spade

starting seeds in toilet rolls


  1. First, cut the toilet paper rolls in half. This step is optional, but I found half tubs worked better than using the whole ones. If you are using paper towel roll, cut it into quarters.
  2. Next, cut four slits about an inch long one on each side of the roll.

toilet roll crafts

  1. Now fold all four sides into each other to make bottom of the planter. You may need to place a strip of duct tape on the outside of the planter to keep the bottom secure.
  2. Add potting soil to the roll and plant your seeds. You can plant herbs or flowers! For directions on how deep to plant the seeds, follow the instructions on the seed package.
  3. Use a cup or small spray bottle to wet the soil until it is damp about an inch down.

seedlings in toilet paper rolls

  1. Place planters in a sunny area. Check soil each day and make sure the soil stays damp.
  2. After a few days, your plants should have sprouted. Wait a few days and until the weather is optimal to transplant the seedlings into a larger container or into your garden. Be sure to select a location with enough light and good soil so that your seedlings will continue to thrive.
  3. Dig a hole about an inch and a half wide and two inches deep.
  4. Open the bottom of the roll and place in the hole. The roll will mold and provide nutrients for your plant as it grows.
  5. Water your plants, and watch them grow! After they're ready, you'll get to enjoy a wonderful garden!

toilet paper seedlings

toilet roll seedling