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National Thank You Month: 5 Ways to Show Appreciation

WACO, Texas (January 17, 2014) – January is National Thank You Month, and a great time to start the New Year off with a thankful heart and show your loved ones thanks. Although a simple thank you does wonders, it may be difficult to show the depth of your gratitude.

Here are five fun and creative ways to show your appreciation without words:

  1. A Handwritten Thank You Note
    During the age of technology, handwritten notes have become a lost art. Thank you notes have been replaced by impersonal emails and text messages. Taking the time to write a thoughtful hand-written note shows your sincere appreciation in a tangible way for the receiver can cherish forever.

  2. Flowers
    Flowers are a wonderful way to show the women in your life appreciation, especially if you aren’t great with words. This way to say thank you won’t go unnoticed. For brownie points, add a bonus thank you note.

  3. IOU Coupons
    Say thank you by paying it forward. Your coupon could be anything from a lunch date to taking the trash or unloading the dishwasher. You can even design your own coupon book for an extra special touch.

  4. Make a Photobook
    Buy an inexpensive photo album and compile photos of all your favorite memories together. Add photo captions with meaningful quotes and words of gratitude.

  5. Bake Some Treats
    Bake a thank you to show your appreciation. Homemade baked goods are great for any occasion. From cookies to cupcakes, your recipient will be sure to taste your gratitude through a yummy treat.