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Your Locally Owned Albany Plumber Loves Pumpkins But Your Garbage Disposal Doesn't!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014 - 1:29pm

Halloween upon us, as we dress in our costumes and stock up on candy, comes activities like Fall baking, carving pumpkins, and harvesting those hearty fall vegetables from the garden for stews and soups. Each of these activities is fun and exciting indication that the Fall season is upon us, however, what is not fun and exciting is a drain clog in your kitchen sink.

Most kitchen in the US are equipped with a garbage disposal making food clean-up and preparation easier and faster. However, nothing will slow things down in the kitchen faster than a drain clog. Fall cooking means working with a lot of starchy and stringy fruits and vegetables like various types of squash, apples, and greens.

There are many food items that should not be put into the garbage disposal:

  • Vegetables that are stringy like celery, rhubarb, and squash should not be rinsed into the garbage disposal. The fibrous nature of these foods makes them bad for your garbage disposal because they can wrap around the mechanisms and blade of the disposal potentially causing the blade to spin slower and not break the food down as effectively. Large chunks of food left in the garbage disposal will lead to a clog in your sink drain.
  • Starchy foods like potatoes, noodles, or rice should not be rinsed down the drain because they will absorb the water that is rinsed down with them and slowly begin to expand in the drain pipe. These expandable foods will eventually expand enough that they block the flow of water through the pipe and a clog develops.
  • Pumpkin innards are a definite no-no for the garbage disposal. If you are carving pumpkins to get into the Halloween spirit, make sure the gobs of seeds and pulp from the pumpkin gets put into the garbage can rather than into the disposal. While the seeds are fairly soft, they can still dull the blade of the disposal and the stringy pulp will wrap around the mechanisms and cause them to work less efficiently.

Fall is the perfect time of year for spending time outdoors without being in the blaring sun, having early evening indoor activities with family, and eating delicious warming foods. Don’t let a clog in your kitchen drain stand in the way. Follow these simple steps to keep your kitchen sink flowing freely, and don’t hesitate to contact the expert plumbers at Mr. Rooter of Albany for more guidance, remember we are locally owned and operated, making us your neighborhood plumber of choice!

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