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Mr. Rooter Drain Cleaning & Clogged Drain Repair in Amsterdam NY

For many people, thinking about where the water in their home goes after it has been used it completely foreign. The drainage system that exists to carry the used water away from the home and to the sewer system is hidden away in cupboards, under the home, and generally just out of sight. Therefore, it just doesn’t occur to most of us to consider where that water is going once is rinses down the drain. In fact, there is a complex system of pipes and drains that are configured at each fixture in your home to divert the used or “gray” water away from your home. This gray water can be filled with harmful bacteria and it is important that it be properly directed to where it can be treated and disposed of.

One of the key elements in your home’s drainage system is the drain “trap”. Each drain in your home has a trap, which is designed to do just what it says – trap water, which then prevents harmful sewer fumes from rising up through your pipes and into your home. The drain gap is a section of pipe that has a curve in it. While it is designed perfectly to trap water, this curve also makes it a more common location for clogs to form. When large pieces of food or debris are rinsed down the drain, they can sometimes become clogged at the site of the curve in the drain pipe. This is especially true if food, grease, hair, and soap have been repeatedly rinsed down the drain and have had a chance to build-up on the inside walls of the drain pipes.

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At Mr. Rooter® of Amsterdam, our expertly trained plumbers have the tools and the experience to efficiently locate a drain clog and remove it. The gray water that the drains in your home are meant to dispose of can be filled with harmful bacteria, and if left unreleased, this water can begin to decay and create more bacteria causing a health hazard for your family. We understand the nature of these situations and how stressful it can be. A clogged drain can dramatically interrupt your daily activities and you need someone you can trust to get the job done right the first time! The team at Mr. Rooter of Amsterdam prides ourselves on providing consistent and quality work to each of our clients – every time!

Some of the drains that we service include:

  • Shower/bathtub drains
  • Bathroom sinks
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Garbage disposal
  • Floor drains (garage, utility room, laundry room, etc.)
  • Toilets

How Would A Drain In My Home Become Clogged?

Drain clogs are a fairly common plumbing issue, we see several daily and they are almost always caused by the same thing. When hair, food, grease, and soap are repeatedly rinsed down the drain, bits of this residue collect over time on the inside walls of your drain pipe. This accumulation of “plaque” will slowly cause the diameter of your drain pipes to narrow and eventually cause a full-fledge clog. If you notice that there is a gurgling sound coming from your pipes, call Mr. Rooter of Amsterdam for help!

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