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Mr. Rooter Clogged Drain Repair & Drain Cleaning in Saratoga

Most people never think about what happens to the water once it goes down the shower, bathtub, or sink drains. But, when the water comes into your home from outside, it has to have somewhere to go after it has been used. This water is typically referred to as “gray water” and may contain bacteria or, other human waste. Having a properly working drainage system is essential to the removal of this gray water and to keeping a healthy environment for you and your family.

Each fixture in your home has its own drainage system. An important part of these drainage systems is the trap – a curved piece of pipe that works to trap water and prevent sewer gases from coming into the home. Because the trap is curved it is easy for large pieces of debris to get caught in the trap and cause a clog.

The team of expert plumbers at Mr. Rooter® of Saratoga has the tools and the training to quickly identify the cause of your clog and work to clear it. We understand the trouble that can be caused when a drain in your home is clogged. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service with courtesy and respect.

What Types of Clogs Do I Get in My House?

Typically, when gray water is backing up in a sink or, a drain is releasing water slowly it can be attributed to a drain clog. Maybe the most common reason for a drain clog is a build-up of hair, grease, and soap. If you notice your drain is moving more slowly than is usual, or, you hear gurgling sounds, there is a good chance that your drain is or will soon be clogged and you should contact a professional plumber.

How Can I Tell If My Toilet Is Draining Properly?

The design of your toilet differs from the design of your sink, shower, or bathtub, however, it is still designed to remove water from your home after you have used it. If there are bubbles rising up in the water of your toilet bowl, or, you see the water level changing suddenly, you might have a drainage problem and need a professional.

The team at Mr. Rooter of Saratoga has the training and tools to handle various types of residential drain issues. Call us today to discuss your drain cleaning or repair needs. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional drain services to all of our residential clients. You have several choices when it comes to choosing a plumber, and we want you to feel confident that choosing Mr. Rooter of Saratoga is the best choice!

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