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You have a hundred and one things to do on any given day and dealing with a plumbing emergency can be a messy and frustrating experience! Unfortunately, most plumbing problems involve a great amount of flowing water and that constant water can cause a stressful sense of emergency.

The very first step when faced with a plumbing emergency is to locate and turn off the main water source for the fixture that is not working. This is usually found under the sink, or behind the toilet where the water comes in from the wall. It might be necessary to shut off the main water valve to the entire house. It is always a good idea to locate each of these valves before an emergency occurs, and teach the others in your family the same.

After turning the water off, the next thing to do is to call Mr. Rooter® of Schenectady for emergency plumbing support. Our team of highly-skilled plumbers knows how to manage a wide variety of plumbing emergencies and you will never be charged an overtime fee.

Mr. Rooter of Schenectady can help with all sorts of plumbing emergencies, some include:

  • Clogged Drains – When a clog occurs in the drain pipes of any of your home’s fixtures, the basin can fill with used or “gray” water. This gray water can be laden with bacteria, which as it decays and reproduces, can release harmful gases that can create a health hazard for you and your family. The team at Mr. Rooter of Schenectady has the tools and the experience to manage various types of clogged drains.
  • Clogged Toilet – Your toilet is very similar to all of the other drains in your home. The design is a bit different but, the overall purpose is the same. Your toilet is designed to divert used water to the sewer system for treatment and disposal. A clog in your toilet might cause symptoms including: air bubbles in the water, an overflow of water, dramatic rise and fall of water in the toilet bowl.
  • Leaks – Plumbing emergencies vary in severity, one of the more common is leaking pipes. This might seem like a benign problem, however, leaking pipes can cause a lot of water damage, which can be very costly. Even if the leak seems small, over time it can cause a lot of damage and should be checked by a professional.
  • Frozen Pipes – When the temperatures outside drop to freezing level the water in your pipes can also freeze. Because your pipes are built to manage liquid and not solid, the expansion caused by the water freezing causes the pipes to crack and sometimes break open. When the pipes thaw, the water starts to flow again and flooding occurs.

When you have a plumbing emergency you want to trust that the plumber you are calling is reliable and honest. At Mr. Rooter of Schenectady, we pride ourselves on establishing lasting relationships with each of our clients based on integrity. You will always receive a written quote before we start work, and you will never be charged an overtime fee. 

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