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Mr. Rooter 24 Hour Emergency Plumbing in Troy NY

Sometimes it is difficult to know what is considered an emergency, however, at Mr. Rooter® of Troy our rule of thumb is if your plumbing is not working properly – it is an emergency! Plumbing emergencies typically involve a large amount of water. This overflow of water can cause an extensive amount of damage to your home and your furniture.

The first thing you should do when you are dealing with a plumbing emergency is to find the shut off valve and turn the water off. This will reduce the amount of damage and will keep the area safe for access.

The next thing you should do is call Mr. Rooter of Troy for emergency plumbing help. Our team of trained and experienced plumbers has the skills and the know-how to help with a wide variety of plumbing emergencies. We are dedicated to developing lasting relationships with each of our clients, based on trust and honesty. When you contact our team – no matter what time of day or night – you will treated with respect and courtesy.

Mr. Rooter of Troy will help you with all types of plumbing emergencies:

  • Clogged Toilet – While you may not think of it as such, your toilet is a drain just like any other. It is designed a little bit differently but, the overall purpose is the same. Your toilet works like all of the other drains in your home to divert used water to the sewer system for disposal and treatment. At Mr. Rooter of Troy our team has the tools and the experience to handle all types of clogged toilets.
  • Leaks – There are many types of pipe leaks, but whether it is a small leak or a big one you should always call a professional. A leaking pipe means dripping water that can cause damage to your furniture and your home. If you notice a sudden change in water pressure contact Mr. Rooter of Troy for emergency plumbing help.
  • Clogged Drains – When the drainage pipes of your plumbing system develop a clog, the basin can fill up with bacteria-laden gray water. When the bacteria starts to decay and produce more bacteria, gases can be released that are harmful to breath.
  • Frozen Pipes – When the temperatures dip low enough the water in your pipes can freeze solid. This freezing process causes the water to expand as it solidifies and your pipes can break under the pressure. Once the water thaws and begins to flow through the pipes, a lot of water damage can occur.

Having a plumbing emergency can be an overwhelming experience, knowing that the plumber you are calling is reliable and trustworthy can help to alleviate some of that stress. At Mr. Rooter of Troy we are proud to provide each of our clients with exceptional emergency plumbing services. Our clients have come to know us at their go-to resource for top-notch plumbing services delivered with courtesy and respect.

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