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Mr. Rooter Drain Cleaning & Clog Repair

At Mr. Rooter ®of Albany, our team of highly-skilled plumbers are well versed in all manner of drains, drain clogs, and their causes. Each fixture in your home has a drainage system, some more unique than others. This diversity is no problem for Mr. Rooter of Albany.

Our plumbers have the experience and the tools to locate and remove clogs from all types of drains in both residential and commercial plumbing systems.

Unfortunately, at some point along the way you and your family will have to deal with a drain pipe clogs. While these plumbing issues are quite common, that doesn’t make them any less stressful or inconvenient. You and your family have one hundred and one things to do each day, and dealing with the hassle of a clogged drain is the last thing you need! For most families, the plumbing and drainage system in their home is out of sight – out of mind. The pipes, traps, and drains that divert the used or “gray” water home from the home are hidden away in the walls or under cupboards, making them a low-priority for maintenance. However, when a drain gets blocked and causes a basin to fill with bacteria-filled gray water – it’s a situation that cannot be ignored!

Drain clogs are so common, mostly because of the general wear and tear that a drain is put through. For instance, most people don’t think twice about rinsing things like soap, grease, large pieces of food debris, and beauty products down the drain. However, overtime these materials mix together to form a residue that attaches to the inside lining of drain and plumbing pipes. With enough build-up, the diameter of these essential pieces to your plumbing system begins to narrow and the flow of water through them slows down. At the early stages of a clog you might notice the water draining from your basin more slowly than before, or, even hear a gurgling sound coming from the drain itself.

Some areas of the home where you might expect clogs to form include:

  • Garbage disposal
  • Shower and bathtub drains
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Toilets
  • Bathroom sinks
  • Floor drains (utility room, garage, laundry room, etc)

Some tools our team might use to help remove a clog include:

  • Plumbing Snake: To clear pipes of stubborn clogs, our plumbers might use a tool referred to as a plumbing or drain snake. This tool consists of a long cable made of metal that has a large tension spring on the end of it. The cable is used to feed the spring into the drain, then our plumber will turn the snake on causing the spring to spin quickly and cut through the clog
  • Auger: An auger is similar to a plumbing snake, but typically reserved for smaller clogs that are not quite as set. The auger also has a metal cable with a spring, except it has a hand crank rather than a power source.

Regardless of the severity or location of your drain clog, the team of highly-trained drain cleaning experts at Mr. Rooter of Albany can help! While a drain clog might seem like a simple plumbing issue, if you ignore the issue it can cause long-term damage to your overall plumbing system. Don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Rooter of Albany to discuss how we can get your plumbing system back to proper working order! When you work with our team you will always receive an estimate for our services before we begin the job, and we will treat you and your home with the utmost respect.

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