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Top Holiday Plumbing Tips

It is time to have guests and festivities during this holiday season. If you plan to have visitors and events at your home in Beaumont, consider having Mr. Rooter visit to do a full plumbing inspection and preventative maintenance.

Plumbing Tips for the Holidays:

  • Create a container for the grease that comes off your food. Whether it is bacon grease, oil, or butter, it can create a coating on your pipes that will allow other debris to attach and create a clog quickly. Fat can also damage your garbage disposal.
  • Use your garbage disposal properly. Run cold water in the disposal and don’t overload the unit. Coffee grounds, eggshells, peels, and bones shouldn’t go into your disposal!
  • Use screens for your drains so that your household and your guests remember to discard of hair and trash into a garbage can. The filters will help keep your pipes from clogging over the coming months.
  • Keep plungers by your toilets and under your sinks. Trying to find a plunger while a toilet is overflowing can mean water damage and a lot of cleaning. If there is a plunger near your plumbing in the bathroom and kitchen, then you are less likely to have water run onto your floor!
  • If you have a total clog, call a plumber right away to take care of your plumbing. Using chemicals can make the problem worse, as some of these quick solutions may corrode your pipes and not take care of the clog completely.
  • Install trashcans in clearly visible areas in your bathrooms and kitchen. If everyone can see where the trash receptacles are, then they are less likely to use drains for trash.
  • Post a list of what shouldn’t go into the drains in your home. Many things that say they are flushable will still create clogs in your plumbing system.
  • Make sure your pipes are well-insulated if there is a cold spell. While it may not regularly freeze in Beaumont, temperatures can still drop enough to cause pipes to freeze and burst if they have buildup in them.