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If You’re Noticing These Symptoms, You May Have a Clogged Sewer Line | Mr. Rooter Beaumont, TX

Your sewer drain performs an essential function in your home – emptying all of your family’s water and waste products into your city’s main sewer line. If it becomes clogged, your wastewater likely has nowhere to go but back into your home, backing up into your pipes and drains. For this reason, if you experience a sewer drain blockage, it’s crucial to stop using your plumbing and fixtures and call a plumber immediately.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Beaumont specializes in solving sewer drain issues of all types. However, how do you know your sewer line is clogged? These symptoms may be a sign of a sewer drain clog:

  • Numerous clogs. Clogging of more than one fixture at a time – including toilets, showers, and drains – is a sure sign of a sewer drain clog. Often, fixtures on the ground floor will be affected first due to their closer proximity to the sewer drain itself. If you notice numerous clogs beginning with the fixtures on the ground floor, stop use of your plumbing and contact a plumber.
  • Unusual sounds. If you notice unusual gurgling sounds in your toilet after flushing or while running water in your sink, tub, shower, or washing machine, you may have a sewer drain clog. Clogs can trap air inside your pipes, resulting in these gurgling noises during times of water usage. This symptom often appears in toilets due to their close link to your sewer drain.
  • Drain backups. One of the most imminent warnings of a sewer clog is wastewater backing up into your interior drains. If you notice water levels in your toilet rising or overflowing, or water backing up into your toilet while running your washing machine, a sewer clog is a potential culprit. However, clogs and overflows can occur due to individual fixture issues, so address each fixture separately first.

If you’re experiencing more than one of the above issues, stop all water use and turn off the main water supply so others in your house cannot add to the problem. Continued use of water can make the issue worse and cause flooding in your home. Sewer drain clogs are a serious issue that cannot be addressed by DIY methods.

For more information about sewer issues or to request professional sewer drain assistance, contact Mr. Rooter of Beaumont. Our professional team can determine the source of the clog and provide motorized auger or trenchless sewer repair to get your system back up and running as usual.