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Getting down to the root of things!

Hot summer days can make a person grateful for a big beautiful shade tree casting a cooling shadow. Trees are a beautiful addition to any landscape, but down below the surface of you're precisely mowed yard is an abundance of thirsty little roots. These roots are always looking for a quenching drink and if you have a crack in you're plumbing it becomes the perfect place for roots to seep in. Roots need no invitation and will move in and become uninvited sewer home wreckers. The problem with roots is that they continue to grow and eventually all the toilet paper and solid waste that goes down the toilet will collect and make you look at your tree in a different light. Before you grab your chainsaw, grab your phone and dial Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Billings. Mr. Rooter will help you rid your lines of unwanted roots and can replace you're broken pipes. So plant another tree, hang a hammock, and rest easy knowing Mr. Rooter has all you're plumbing needs covered from A to Z.