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Dirt On Drains

When was the last time you thought about your drains? Those little magic holes in your sink and tub/shower where the water disappears into the unknown. Those little drains are wonderful when they are clear and draining well, but what about when they turn from little magic ports to big, bad backups? Did you know every time you bathe that oils, dead skin, hair, and soap scum will start to build up? And with every dish you rinse or pan you wash, all that food debris and grease starts to mingle with the other grime and gunk. Before you realize it there is a clog. Do not fret, Mr. Rooter to the rescue! We provide a wonderful grime fighting HydroScrub® service. The HydroScrub will restore your old drain lines to a like-new condition by using water at a high pressure to wash away all those clogging troubles in your pipes. And once our Professional Service Tech finishes polishing the insides of your drains, he can add our environmentally safer Bio-choice drain treatment that is only available through Mr. Rooter. Bio-Choice is loaded full of live, hungry, friendly bacteria that cannot wait to dine in your drains. When you combine the cleansing power of our HydroScrub with the grime eating appetites of Bio-Choice your drains will flow with ease. Life doesn't slow down and who has time for slow drains? Call Mr. Rooter 406-652-4777 and we will put on our grime fighting capes and help save your day!