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Toilet Bowl or Toy Box?

What do children and toilets have in common you ask? From our experience children are fascinated by the sparkling white throne filled with water. Who wouldn't love to throw a pool party for Barbie and Batman? In the midst of the party things start to go south..literally. The temptation and curiosity to flush the toys set in, and before you know it Barbie is scuba diving and the toilet is clogged. Now what? You call Mr. Rooter of course! Here at Mr. Rooter we will gladly remove your toilet and send out our version of search and rescue. Mr. Rooter service professionals will gladly take on any toilet issues you are facing. So the next time your little tike tried to flush their miniature trike, do not fret and get all wet, call Mr. Rooter and let us turn that toy box back into a toilet!