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Look out below

Spring is among us and soon summer will follow. As you look out your back door, you start to feel the spring fever bug bite. You start to envision a new patio, family BBQ's' on a brand new deck, or perhaps an entire back yard makeover, how fun would that be? Thinking of the fun times your guests will have this summer convinces you "Let's do it!" Jump forward to summer, good times are under way, cold drink in your hand, it was a lot of money well spent, when all of a sudden a guest pops their head out your back door and tells you the toilet is overflowing, and there is not so pleasant water rising in the bathtub. After the plumber arrives he tells you that your sewer line collapsed right under that shiny new deck and to fix the line, the whole thing has to be torn down. Oh No! How could you have known your sewer was breaking? Summer will be ruined...well good thing this is all a day dream and it is still spring. Now is the time to call Mr. Rooter to get a limited time FREE video inspection of your sewer line. Mr. Rooter is able to send a camera down your sewer line and show you any possible breaks, clogs, or root intrusions. Mr. Rooter wants our customers to be happy all year round and by taking advantage of our limited time offer of a FREE video inspection and our always FREE plumbing check-up, our customer's will be informed and protected from sewer nightmares. In the event that your sewer line is not looking like it should Mr. Rooter can handle that too. Mr. Rooter Plumbing is so much more than drain cleaning. Mr. Rooter literally is a one stop A to Z plumber. Call Mr. Rooter Plumbing out first before a big project and your dreams can become a reality without the worry. Remember there's a reason they call us Mr.