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T&P Relief Valve

The temperature and pressure relief valve (T&P relief valve) is something most homeowners have never heard about, but understanding what it is and how essential it is to the safety of your home and family is critically important.

A T&P relief valve monitors the temperature and pressure on your water heater. If the valve is not working properly, the water heater could potentially explode.

This is why it’s vital to have your T&P relief valve checked by a professional plumber. There are several other reasons why you should have your valve checked every year. You can extend the life of your water heater, prevent burns from potentially scalding water, prevent water damage caused by a failed water heater and indicate potential water heater or system failure.

So next time you are taking a warm shower or washing a load of laundry, remind yourself to call your local Mr. Rooter® for a regular plumbing check-up to ensure your T&P relief valve is functioning properly. Be safe and happy and call your local Mr. Rooter Plumber of Cape Fear!

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