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Mr. Rooter Answers Your Plumbing FAQs

You use your plumbing every day. In fact, you probably use it dozens of times a day, often without even realizing it. But how much do you really know about the system that keeps your home running?

Plumbing Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the difference between hard and soft water?

Despite what its name implies, you can’t tell if you have hard or soft water just by touching or tasting it. Hard water contains increased amounts of dissolved calcium, magnesium, and manganese minerals. While hard water is not harmful to your health, it can cause things like white spots on your faucet, soap scum, and yellowed clothes.

2. Is regular plumbing maintenance really that important?

Your plumbing sits behind walls and under the floorboards, meaning it’s easy to forget about — that is, until a problem sneaks up. Plumbing emergencies are known to cause a lot of damage and be more expensive to fix. But with regular maintenance and inspections, you may be able to avoid a costly emergency.

3. What can I do to keep my plumbing healthy?

Every time you walk into your bathroom or kitchen, you should be thinking about plumbing safety. By doing these simple things, you can keep your plumbing healthy for years to come:

  • Never throw things like flushable wipes, cotton swabs, or paper towels down the toilet.
  • Adjust your plumbing’s pressure. If your water pressure is very high, it can cause pipe damage.
  • Place a drain catcher in your bathtub and kitchen sink to catch things like fallen food and hair.
  • Check your water bill for leaks. Leaks aren’t always obvious, since many occur behind your walls. Look at your water bill every month and make a note if it’s rising, even though you aren’t using more water than normal. If you do notice it going up, call the pros at Mr. Rooter for an inspection.

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