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Is Your Bathroom Child-Proofed Properly?

With winter in full swing and all of the holidays behind us, many people start to turn their focus to the weather this time of year. The cold temperatures make getting out of the house a little more difficult each day.

No one likes going out in the cold, and coming home to a warm house full of loved ones is the best ending to a long, cold day.

However, staying safe in your home takes just as much thought as staying safe outside of your home. Driving to and from work or school, you are thoughtful of the traffic, the weather, and the road conditions. So, when you are doing things inside of your home you need to be just as thoughtful to stay safe.

This is especially true inside of the bathrooms of your home. In fact, the bathroom is statistically the most dangerous room in your home. Each person in your household uses the bathroom at least one time per day. And, all activities in the bathroom have some kind of danger involved. It might seem strange to think about but, it’s true and it is proven in emergency rooms across the Country every day.

Here are just a few areas in your bathroom that might not be as safe as they could be, and how you can improve them:

  • Standing up out of the bath tub is one of the most dangerous activities you can do in the bathroom. It might seem like a simple thing, but it is actually full of hazards. Your feet are wet, you are standing on a slippery surface, and you are off balance. All of these can lead to a slip and fall accident. To add safety and balance to your bathtub, install grab bars to hold onto when standing up out of the tub. These bars are great for bracing yourself and balancing your weight when you are getting out of the tub.
  • The toilet in your home should be child-proofed if you have small children. To them, the toilet is just a giant bowl of water and a very fun thing to play in. Unfortunately, it is possible for small children to fall into the toilet and drown if left unsupervised.
  • Make sure that there aren’t any obstacles left on the floor of your bathroom. Step-stools, wastebaskets, and dirty laundry or bath towels should always be picked up and put out of the walkway so no one trips.

Make sure that your home is as safe as possible by implementing these tips for bathroom safety. Take a minute to look around your bathroom and check to see if there are other areas where safety should be improved.