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5 Tips for Detecting Plumbing Issues

To fix a plumbing issue, you first need to be able to identify that there is a problem. Some plumbing malfunctions are difficult to detect without the correct training and experience. Keep an eye out for the following signs, as it could indicate that you have an issue with your Fort Bend plumbing system.

An Increase in Your Water Bill

Your water bill should usually be around the same amount each time. The cost is determined by the amount of water you use with your shower, dishwasher, sink, washing machine, and a variety of other factors. Due to the uniformity of your water expenses, an inexplicable difference in the bill is a clear sign that you may have a plumbing issue. If there is suddenly a significant increase in the cost and you are not sure why, call a professional plumber so they can determine where and what the problem is.

Random Wet Areas Around Your Home

The most common cause of an increase in water bills is a leaking pipe or fixture. Leaking faucets and showers are easy to spot, but some leaks occur underground in pipes that are not visible. Random wet areas around your home are clear signs that you have a leak. Specifically keep an eye out for wet spots on your ceiling, floor, or walls.

Slower Water Flow or Strange Noises

If your water flow is slower than usual or you can hear strange noises from your pipes or faucets, it could be another sign that you have a leak somewhere. A professional plumber can quickly determine where the leak is occurring and repair it.

Rocking Toilet

Your toilet should be fitted firmly to the floor of your bathroom. If you notice that it is even slightly rocking, it is likely that the floor is rotting or weakening beneath the toilet. A rotting floor is often caused by a leak in your toilet somewhere and warrants a call to an experienced Fort Bend plumber.

Issues Getting Hot Water

If your water heater is functioning correctly, you should be able to easily access warm water. If you are having a hard time getting the water from your shower head or faucet to warm up, you could have an issue with your water heater or the pipes connecting the water heater to the rest of your plumbing system.