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4 Major Benefits of Having a Camera Inspection of Your Plumbing

Camera-driven plumbing inspections have been around for a little while, but have only become commonplace in recent years. It’s part of what Mr. Rooter is best known for – using cutting edge technology to find practical solutions. When homeowners want a video inspection, they call Mr. Rooter. Here are four of the major benefits of having a camera plumbing inspection.

No Guesswork Means Faster Solutions

Before cameras existed in the plumbing world, guesswork was the name of the game in plumbing diagnostics. Now, the camera provides an instant answer. You can watch the camera glide through your pipes in real time. This eliminates the need for “wait and see” solutions. You know the problem and can pursue repairs right away.

Future Reference

Mr. Rooter supplies you with a download of your camera inspection. Down the road, even years ahead, you can reference a digital version of the state of the pipes to help assess future issues and compare the progression of calcification and more! It’s valuable to have an accurate snapshot of the state of plumbing at a given time for so many reasons.

Safe and Conservative Approach

Using a camera inspection provides an accurate look at the health of your plumbing without cutting into walls, floors, or tunneling underground. Not only is this more conservative financially in that it doesn’t lead to multiple home repairs, it is also safer for your family and everyone working on the site. Who wants to deal with plumbing issues and then other home repairs in addition? You don’t have to!


You might request the camera with suspicions of a particular issue but discover another along the way. Though this isn’t great news, it provides you with time to prepare, rather than having a huge (and potentially more expensive) situation on your hands. Knowledge is power!

If you are interested in having a camera inspection done on your plumbing system, contact Mr. Rooter. We are conveniently located here in Fort Bend. Providing you with the power to make your best plumbing decisions is what we do best! A camera inspection is a great place to start.