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4 Common Dishwasher Problems and How to Fix Them

Just like most appliances, your dishwasher will eventually break down, which can be inconvenient if you depend on it for quick dish cleaning. While your dishwasher may need a replacement in some cases, there are some common minor issues you can mend with quick fixes. Below are some of the most reoccurring issues and how to fix each one.

Bad Smell

A bad smell is one of the most common dishwasher problems. A smelly dishwasher is usually the result of old food residues messing with multiple parts of the dishwasher, such as the filter, the door gasket, and the garbage disposal. Make sure to inspect and clear all these parts. In addition, if the smell is more chemical in nature, a plastic dish may have fallen into the heating coil and melted. Generally, make sure to pre-rinse dishes to avoid most cases of bad smell.

Failure to Clean

If your dishes come out with residue or are not clean at all, despite properly using the dishwasher, it could be for several reasons. First, inspect for any blockages in the door gasket or filter and clear them if present. Also, spin the spray arms to make sure they spin properly. If the arms are not spinning, remove them, clean them, and test them out to see if they work property.Ā 

The Bottom Leaks Water

Most of the time, a faulty or blocked door gasket can cause a leaky dishwasher. Check the gasket by the dishwasher door for any blockage, tears, or any other kinds of damage. A compromised gasket will no longer work as a tight seal, so you’ll need to find a suitable replacement. In addition, the float switch is possibly stuck in the down position, which causes the machine to overfill. Clean the float switch from any obstructions to have it working properly.

Failure to Start

Defective doors or latches can cause a dishwasher’s failure to start. Try to start a dishwasher cycle and shut the door and latch but keep holding on to the latch while the dishwasher is on. If the cycle proceeds normally, the issue is with the latch. Also, try to check for power failures by unplugging and plugging your dishwasher again or connecting your dishwasher to an outlet you are sure works.