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How to Prevent Smells from Coming Out of Your Kitchen Sink | Mr. Rooter Fort Bend

Every summer, like clockwork, many households experience pest infestations. The hot, humid weather and abundance of delicious fresh produce provide the right conditions for all bugs – from roaches to fruit flies. They often enter unnoticed as eggs on the produce we bring home from the market, hatching once they reach our kitchen, and then quickly multiplying.

We all know that, despite our best efforts at keeping the kitchen clean, pests still find their way in. But why do they seem to be coming from our sink drains? The kitchen drain is a very common place for annoying and invasive smells. In fact, some people have this problem in their bathroom sinks. Germs love the warm, moist environment sinks provide – especially those with garbage disposals full of rotting organic matter.

Your first step to handling this is to run your disposal regularly. This will take care of any bits of rotting food that could be stuck inside of your disposal. Run hot water down your drain occasionally and consider an odor-reducing agent meant for garbage disposals.

However, remember that some chemicals only cover smells, but do little to get rid of the things causing the odor. To truly clean, try putting a bit of baking soda into your drains, then pouring household vinegar down them. The combination will bubble for a bit, cleaning and moving stuck particles. After, flush drain with boiling water so newly unstuck materials are flushed away. These steps can also help you get rid of any pesky fruit flies that are circling your drains.

If you’ve tried these steps, and sink odors are still a big problem in your home, it could be a deeper issue with your drain. This is a job for an experienced plumber. Contact Mr. Rooter in Fort Bend, TX for all your pressing plumbing needs.