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Pet-Proof Your Plumbing | Mr. Rooter Fort Bend

Any pet owner knows that these furry creatures enhance our lives in so many ways, but they also can be a lot of work to take care of, causing wear and tear on our homes. If you have a pet, you’ve likely pet-proofed certain areas of your home, but do you know how to pet-proof your plumbing too? Here are our favorite tips that will help protect your pets and prevent bigger plumbing disasters.

  • Give pet baths outside. Pets shed a lot of hair and washing them in your home shower or bath means all that hair goes down the drain, creating a huge potential for clogs. Go outside for Fido’s bath time, or if the weather doesn’t allow it, use a drain cover designed to catch hair in your tub.
  • Fix leaks and drippy faucets. Leaking water can be an invitation for a thirsty pet to lick, which can be dangerous to their health. Get rid of the temptation with quick repairs, and always keep their water bowls full, to reduce the temptation to find water elsewhere.
  • Keep tools and chemicals out of reach. Keep pets safe by safely storing any home plumbing tools, cleaning agents, and drain clearing chemicals. These are all extremely dangerous for a pet to get into.
  • Cover up exposed pipes. Under the sink pipes, hoses behind the toilet, and other exposed plumbing can be attractive to some types of pets for chewing, biting, or scratching. These behaviors can cause damage to your plumbing system, as well as cause harm to your pet. Reduce the temptation by covering up any exposed piping or closing off access to certain rooms or areas.

Keep your furry friends safe and healthy and prevent larger plumbing fiascos by pet-proofing your plumbing. A few easy steps can save you a lot of headache. If your pet does cause a plumbing issue, contact Mr. Rooter in Fort Bend for fast, reliable service.