Three Easy Steps to Maintaining Your Home’s Floor Drains | Mr. Rooter Plumbing Fort Bend, TX

Your home’s drains are an essential part of your drainage system. They ensure the water you use winds up in your home’s drainage pipes instead of on your floor. From there, water is propelled by gravity towards larger and larger pipes that feed into your city’s wastewater system. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Fort Bend recommends performing occasional preventive maintenance on your drains to ensure they continue to function as they should.

However, many homeowners neglect one of their home’s most important drains – the floor drain. These drains are often located beneath your hot water heater, in your basement, garage, or even in older bathrooms. Floor drains provide rapid drainage of water overflows and flooding on your home’s lower levels.

Maintaining Your Floor Drain

Your home’s floor drains provide an essential barrier between foul smelling sewer pipes and your living areas. Failing to maintain them could result in poor drainage, resulting in water damage, as well as persistent odor issues. Use this three-step process to maintain your floor drains.

  1. Remove debris. On a quarterly basis, inspect your floor drains for debris such as pet hair, lint, dust, and objects. Remove any debris that has accumulated to prevent clogs. Flush with a solution of baking soda and vinegar to help dissolve remaining residue.
  2. Clear clogs frequently. If you notice your floor drain running slowly or not at all, you may have a clog. It’s essential to remove floor drain clogs immediately to prevent flooding and other issues. Start with a plunger or the above-mentioned vinegar solution; for tough clogs, use a drain auger to break up the source of the clog.
  3. Flush with water. Your floor drains prevent sewer odors from entering your home with a drain trap, which provides a water barrier. If the trap runs dry, sewer odors can make their way into your home. Pour a gallon of water down your floor drain each month to ensure the trap is in operating condition.

With proper care, your floor drain should function to drain water quickly away from your home. If you encounter a clogged floor drain, or experience persistent, strong sewage odors, contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing Fort Bend for full drain cleaning services. Our experienced technicians will return your home’s floor drain to proper working order, protecting your home from wastewater and foul odors.