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How to Maintain Your Garbage Disposal

Do you have a garbage disposal in the kitchen sink of your Fort Bend, TX home? This device can make cleanup after meals much easier, but only if you take proper care of your garbage disposal and use it correctly. Mr. Rooter in Fort Bend wants you to get the most value out of your garbage disposal, so remember the following tips.

Avoid Sending Certain Foods Down the Garbage Disposal

It’s a good idea to avoid putting starchy, fatty, or fibrous foods into your garbage disposal. A few examples include animal fats from meat dishes, potato skins, and fibrous vegetables like celery. These substances, when ground up by the disposal, tend to leave a lot of residue behind that can eventually cause the internal components of the disposal to corrode and fail.

Never Use Bleach to Fight Clogs

If your garbage disposal becomes clogged, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for removing the clog safely or call Mr. Rooter in Fort Bend to have it professionally serviced. If you pour bleach or other commercial cleaning agents into the disposal in an attempt to dissolve the clog, traces of these substances may linger inside the disposal and fly out of it when it is turned on, potentially splashing on you or others and causing caustic burns.

Clean the Disposal Regularly With Ice and Lemons

If your garbage disposal starts to smell funny or you think it could do with a quick cleaning, start by sending some ice cubes down the disposal. As the disposal grinds up the ice cubes the crushed ice will help to dislodge residue inside the disposal and will also help keep the blades sharp. Once you finish with the ice, sending a few pieces of lemon, peel intact, is a great way to release a fresh scent, and the citric acid in the lemons will also help break down residue

These tips are great for everyday maintenance, but some garbage disposal problems require professional assistance. If your garbage disposal is unusable or has broken down, Mr. Rooter in Fort Bend can help. Contact us today to schedule a garbage disposal repair or have our team install a new garbage disposal for you.