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Not only are the plumbing technicians at Mr. Rooter fully trained, licensed, and insured once hired; we are one of the select businesses to implement continual training programs.

Each week, every member of our crew is required to partake in a mandatory 1 ½ to 2 hour course about new and existing plumbing systems, fixtures, as well as about tips we receive from our various suppliers and vendors. It is Mr. Rooter’s firm belief that engaging our staff on a consistent basis about the equipment they use and services they provide on the daily is the best way to offer unmatched customer service.

We Just Do Plumbing Right!

You want to know that the Stafford plumber you call to fix that leaky water line or clogged drainpipe is a professional, someone who understands the problem and will devise the solution best suited to the issue at hand.

It may seem simple, but these are the kinds of things that home and business owners run into every day; they call the first plumbing contractor they come across or the one that promotes the cheapest service, only to have to pay another one to come back to correct the damage done by the first. Talk about a headache!

For your peace of mind, just know that since 1991, Mr. Rooter only specializes in the plumbing trade. We are not experts in other common trade services, such as HVAC, electrical, or carpet cleaning for example, and neither we will we persuade you to use our company for this type of work.

Drain Line Cabling You Have Never Seen Before

As said, home repairs are always best left to the professionals; on the other hand, if you are in need of reliable plumbing work, we definitely encourage you to give Mr. Rooter a call. Do not forget to ask us about our one-of-a-kind drain warranties, too.

Regardless of how long your home’s drain line may be, we guarantee you will receive one return trip free of charge. To our knowledge, this is one of the best in the industry; we stand by our commitment to customer satisfaction, no matter what.

The Services You Want, the Prices You Deserve:

  • Drain cleaning – we can handle any size drain, from ½” to 6”. All of our service vehicles are outfitted with a Hydroscrubber jetter and multiple small jetters.
  • Sewer line inspection and repair – by utilizing our hydrojetters, we can restore your pipes to near new condition. Mr. Rooter provides free camera inspections and guarantees all sewer line replacements for a decade!
  • Water heater installation and replacement – both tank-style and tankless options are covered here. In addition to offering six and ten year warranties, we will haul your old water heater away for free.
  • Unstopping garbage disposals
  • Water supply line testing
  • Shower pan installations
  • Much, much more!

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