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Everything Is the Kitchen Sink

The kitchen is one of the most-loved rooms in the home, and at the center of it all is your kitchen sink. It’s there when you want a quick glass of water, helps out in food preparation, keeps those hands clean before a snack, and provides a beautiful aesthetic.

As a top residential plumbing service, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Greater Syracuse wants to help you keep your sink running smoothly and make any kitchen sink replacement a breeze. We’ve put together top tips to keep your sink happy and your home healthy.

Tips for Replacing Your Kitchen Sink

Getting a new sink can liven up your kitchen and save on water bills when you go with eco-friendly models.

Each kitchen sink replacement will be a little different depending on the model you buy and your kitchen’s setup. Be sure to follow the installation guides, especially if you’re switching types of sinks, such as moving to a drop-in sink. No matter what, here are a few things you should do to make your next kitchen sink replacement easier:

  • Remove all existing caulk. You want a strong protection for your counter, and caulk keeps water damage away. After removing the old caulk, clean the surface and then apply a new layer.
  • Measure underneath your sink. Your new sink is likely physically different than your old one. Be sure to measure the space underneath your countertop, and then the new plumbing and how low your sink will sit. You don’t want to get a sink home and have it not fit.
  • Replace the whole thing. New drain assemblies, valves and pipes are less likely to leak and cause damage. When you buy a new sink, replace everything to ensure you’re getting a great seal and a proper fit. Skimping can lead to leaks and calls to residential plumbing services.
  • Use safety equipment. If you’re cutting pipe or working underneath your sink, wear your safety glasses and gloves. Bits of metal, ceramics and your countertop materials can do significant harm if they hit you in the eye. Stay safe and always use the right equipment.
  • Read about your disposal. A garbage disposal isn’t a trashcan, so if you use it as a trashcan, you’re going to have problems. Read your manual to see how much it can process, and avoid using it to dispose of pasta, banana peels or grease.

Keep Your Kitchen Sink Happy

These are just a few things you can do during the kitchen sink replacement process to ensure everything is running well and you’ll avoid problems in the future.

And if you’re ever concerned something may go wrong, you can always reach out to a residential plumbing service like Mr. Rooter Plumbing for answers to common questions or to have a technician come and help with installation.

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