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Knowing Your Septic Tank

Knowing Your Septic Tank

Septic tank systems are the standard method for the disposal of human wastewater in many suburban and rural areas. There are many things that you can do yourself to maintain your septic tank. When a system and the demands of a household are in balance, it can literally be years between times any maintenance is needed, but if you suspect that there is a problem it’s time to call a professional. Septic tank repair can be a costly and time consuming service, Mr. Rooter is proud to be your Syracuse septic tank repair specialist.

Take Care of Your Septic Tank

Here are some tips to maintain your tank to ensure its best performance

  1. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Greater Syracuse recommends you have your septic tank pumped/cleaned out every 1-3 years (depending on household size for maximum efficiency.
  2. Only household waste and toilet tissue should be disposed of in a septic tank system. Keep all kitchen greases out of the kitchen. Do not divert roof drains or basement sump pumps into your septic system. You want to drain as little water into them as possible. If you use a garbage disposal you’ll need to have your tank pumped more frequently. Using Bio Choice ES immediately after pumping the tank, these friendly bacteria will eat the waste.
  3. Any leaks that develop in the plumbing fixtures should be immediately corrected. If you have a leaky faucet or toilet tank, no matter how small the leak, it will eventually result in complete saturation and failure of the absorption field.
  4. If the solids are allowed to build up in the tank to the point that they begin to pass out, they can become clogged with the solids and result in failure of your system. This is a very costly repair job! Septic tank wastewater can contaminate ground water, surface water, and your yard with bacteria and viruses if it isn’t maintained properly.
  5. Heavy vehicles should not be allowed over the septic tank system. This can cause compaction and actual structural damage to septic tanks and your absorption field.
  6. If you are about to purchase a property that has a septic tank – remember that home inspectors are not equipped to properly assess the tank. Our technicians are certified septic system inspectors. Call your local Greater Syracuse plumber to have the septic system looked at BEFORE you purchase your home!

How to know if you have a septic tank problem

You shouldn’t have a septic tank problem if you perform the proper maintenance but eventually all systems fail. If you see stuff oozing in your drain field you know you are in trouble!

Eventually the soil in a drain field will no longer be able to accept the water from a septic tank and organic material begins to solidify in the soil instead of remaining liquid as it should.

However, if a system is not properly maintained by regular pumping, the organic material will find its way from the tank into the drain field much earlier. If you’re having a problem you’re going to know.

One way to tell (unfortunately) is the smell. There might be an odor from your toilet or drains. You may also simply have a bad odor in the house without an indication of where the smell is coming from. Another indication is a slow flushing toilet, particularly if plunging or chemicals does not immediately solve the problem.

If you suspect your septic is backed up, you need to call a professional fast! Give your favorite local plumber a call or contact us: Mr. Rooter Greater Syracuse.