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Is There Mold in Your Washing Machine?

Mold can cause a range of problems, from breathing issues to coughing. Left untreated, it will spread and can damage surfaces throughout your home. You want to get rid of any type of dangerous fungus in your home as quickly as possible.

One common place where you can see growth is your washing machine. Learn more about whether this is dangerous and how you can prevent it.

Signs That There Is Mold

First, smell your clothes after they come out of the washer. If they smell mildewy, you may have mold in the machine. Conduct a thorough inspection:

Check hoses: Move the washer to look at the hoses that connect to the wall and make sure they're securely connected to the machine.

Look for leaks: Run the entire cycle and beneath the machine for any leaks.

Examine the autolock and rubber seal: If you have a front-loading washer, look at these areas for evidence of mold.

How to Clean and Prevent Mold in Washing Machines

Mold can be dangerous if left untreated. Luckily, there are ways to clean and prevent this unwanted growth of fungus.

First, clean out your automatic washer to remove all traces of mold and unwanted odors. While you can clean the drum with a cleaning solution, you should also use bleach to clean out the entire machine. Run it on an extra-hot cycle, adding bleach to the drum before you start. Once the drum has filled, pause the cycle for a half-hour to let the bleach sink in. Finish the cycle, then repeat using vinegar instead of bleach to remove any lingering smells.

To prevent mold from occurring, clean your machine regularly and check for leaks every six months. Your cleaning should include the attachments and dispenser, where mold can build up with time. After a cycle runs, leave the door open to allow it to air dry naturally. You should remove your washer loads immediately after the cycle ends and never let a load sit overnight. Go light on the laundry detergent, which can cause resident buildup.

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If you have mold growing in your washing machine or need help checking for build up, you may want to call in a professional. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Greater Syracuse can assist you with automatic washer issues and look for mold. Protect your family by addressing the problem right away and contacting us today!

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