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Mondays for Moms: Cleaning Your Gutters

Monday, March 7, 2016 - 7:16am

Since we look forward to saying goodbye to this cold weather and spring is just around the corner, here is a tip on our home gutters.

Tip #6: Cleaning your gutters twice a year

Clogged gutters cause many problems like:

  • Water damage. Overflowing gutters cause water to rapidly fall on your yard or driveway, harming it over time and building up around your foundation. Gutters are installed on homes to direct water away from your home.
  • Ice. Water freezes during the cold months. Gutters with debris can form ice dams. With ice dams, water can overflow and cause damage near your roof. Ice is also very heavy which provides a lot of stress to your gutter structure.
  • Loose gutters. The weight of leaves, twigs, water, and other debris can loosen your gutters from your home.
  • Pests. Gutter debris becomes home to many pests like insects, rodents, and even birds. The invading of pests can cause damage to your home, and they may even enter your home.

How often should you clean your gutters? Typically in Pennsylvania you want to clean your gutters in the spring and fall. If you live by trees you may need to clean them more frequent to prevent leaf build up.

Use precaution when climbing ladders and/or your roof. You may need items like a ladder, gloves, safety glasses, garden trowel, and a hose to wash out the remaining debris. If you are unable to clean your gutters seek a professional.

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