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Mr. Rooter, Experienced Plumbers in Pasadena TX

“Do I really need to clean my drains?”

“How much damage does a burst water line cause?”

“Are you licensed and insured?”

The premiere Pasadena Texas plumbing team at Mr. Rooter responds to questions like these and more every day. When you make the decision to hire a contractor, it is only understandable to be concerned a little bit about the quality of their services.

Laying pipe…day in and day out!

We will be the first to say that being in the plumbing field since 1991 has given us the experience needed to calm the nerves, and offer the peace of mind to residential and commercial customers living in Pasadena want and deserve.

When we see a leaky faucet, we see the increased usage costs our client will have to pay unless it is repaired vs. how much income the project will provide to our business.

Got Water Leaks?

It is this mindset. The one that always puts the customer’s interests and needs first, one that the Mr. Rooter franchise was founded on so long ago; that compels us to deliver top-notch plumbing service throughout Pasadena and the surrounding region.

We have long been regarded for offering unmatched warranties on every product we sell and service we perform. From toilet unclogging to drain cleaning to tankless water heater installations and more, you are invited to experience the Mr. Rooter difference.

While our business caters to residential and commercial customers, it is the former that we specialize in forging solid relationships with. You are treated like family by a company that prides itself in understanding small-town values and instilling them in its staff.

Plumbing Camera Inspection

Damaged Sewer Line Repair/Replacement

Clogged toilets, shower drains, and garbage disposals

Full-service System Diagnostics

Shut Off Valve Inspection and Repair

Water Softener Installations

Customer Service to Count on!

Ask any one of our employees what they enjoy most about working for Mr. Rooter, and they will tell you it is the friendly and upbeat atmosphere.

We have learned a smile and handshake say a lot about a company’s core values, and you can rest assured knowing the technician opening your door is will be excited to be there.

Feel free to voice any questions or concerns you may have; our job is to leave your home or building’s Pasadena plumbing system in better shape than when we first walked through the door!

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Find out how much water a leaky faucet is wasting with our drip calculator.

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