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Bathroom Sink Plumbing

The two most common bathroom sink problems are leaks and clogs.  Both of these problems will shut down the family’s entire routine.  Have you ever brushed your teeth at the kitchen sink?  If you have the water supply valve shut off under your bathroom sink because it leaks, you have found the best resource for diagnosing your bathroom sink problem.

Water under the sink usually points to worn faucet parts or loose supply or drain fittings.  Replacing dried putty, tightening a slip nut, (the ring that screws onto plastic pipe at all bends and connections), or changing some washers may be all that’s needed when it comes to the faucets.  Among the things that are subject to becoming worn are O-rings, springs, washers and in some cases, a cartridge stem.

Because a bathroom sink drain and trap is narrow, (1 ¼ inches in diameter), it tends to clog as soap and hair accumulate in the tailpiece, bend or arm of the waste drain system.  A bathroom sink will usually outlast its faucet and drain; however, it is possible to employ some preventive maintenance that will reduce the chance of serious bathroom sink problems.

For more information on faucet repair/replacement or bathroom sink drains, please visit our pages dedicated to bathroom faucet plumbing and bathroom sink drain plumbing.

Bathroom drains will almost never clog if you follow one simple rule:  Do not use them for anything but waste water.  Cleaning the bathroom sink stopper drain regularly will help prevent the accumulation of soap and hair, which can block the trap or drain farther down the system.

If the drain does back up, first determine the extent of the blockage by checking other drains in the house.  If more than one is clogged, your problem is probably in the main drain, rather than at a single fixture – and we can fix it!

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