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What Impact Does Hard Water Have on Hair and Body?

You may have heard that hard water can have a negative impact on your hair and skin. That is true, but why? It doesn’t look, taste, or feel different. Mineral water is a good thing, right? Not always. Let’s discuss whether hard water is negatively impacting your life and how you can change it.

What Is Hard Water

Hard water is defined by having more mineral content than other sources of water it is common in some geographical areas, while some areas have naturally softer water. Oregon has very hard water in some areas. Specifically, hard water has higher concentrated amounts of magnesium and calcium. Though this is rarely a problem for health (and may even have some moderate benefits), it is bad for skin. It’s also particularly bad for hair.

Why Is Hard Water Bad for Hair?

The mineral compounds of calcium and magnesium actually create a film on the skin and hair. If you have ever been in an Epsom salt bath, you may have noticed the soft, slimy film that forms on the skin. This is due to the magnesium sulfate. Though this film feels soft, even similar to a conditioner in some cases, it actually creates the opposite result. The filminess created by the magnesium prevents conditioner and good oils from penetrating hair. Additionally, it weighs hair down making it more prone to dandruff and harder to style. Individuals with curly hair find that their curls won’t form.

The same occurrence happens with skin. The more hard water you use, the less lotions, oils, and moisturizers soak in to benefit the dermal layers. Ultimately, mineral water sounds like a good idea, but it changes your hair and skin for the worse.

The Answer – Softer Water

If you are tired of dealing with hard water, which is common in Southern Oregon, contact Mr. Rooter today to get information and rates about affordable water softening systems. These easy-to-install systems reduce the calcium and magnesium in the water, creating a better shower and bathing experience for everyone in the household. Your skin, hair, and body will thank you for it!