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When you have a problem with your hot water heater, you shouldn't try to repair it yourself. You need expensive tools and equipment and knowledge of plumbing to solve the problem, and you're likely to waste your time and money. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Lehigh Valley, we can quickly diagnose the problem with your hot water heater. Our service professionals are residential water heater repair and replacement experts in Lehigh Valley, PA. We'll ensure you and your family have hot water again as soon as possible. If you're wondering if it's better to repair or replace your hot water heater, call our live 24/7 answering service or schedule an appointment online.

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Signs You Need Water Heater Repair

If you're not sure your water heater problem is serious enough to justify the cost of water heater repair, look at our list below. If you're seeing any of the symptoms on this list, you need hot water heater repair or replacement:

  • The water flow from your faucets is weak or thin.
  • Your water pressure keeps dropping, particularly when you’re in the shower.
  • The water from your taps is discolored, rusty, or smells.
  • Your water heater is making noises you’ve never heard before.
  • The water heater is leaking, or you see signs of water damage near it.
  • You aren’t getting enough hot water for your whole family’s daily needs.

Is It Better to Repair or Replace My Water Heater?

Stop Googling “is it better to repair or replace my water heater" and just call us! Most hot water heaters last 11-20 years if well maintained and properly installed. When we're determining if you need gas or electric water heater repair or replacement, we’ll consider these factors:

  • The age of your water heater
  • Whether it’s been well-maintained
  • How often has it been repaired
  • Whether your water heating bills have increased
  • If it provides enough hot water to meet your family’s needs
  • Where it was installed and whether it was installed correctly

We'll never recommend a product or service you don't need. We care about our customers' time and money, so we always operate with integrity and transparency. We will only recommend gas or electric water heater repair or replacement if it is cost-effective, saves you money on your energy bills, and will make your family safer and more comfortable.

Gas & Electric Water Heater Repair or Replacement

If we determine that you need gas or electric water heater repair or replacement, we will do everything possible to get the job done that same day. We can help you decide which of the following types of hot water heaters is best for your family's budget, needs, and lifestyle:

  • Conventional - A conventional water heater has a storage tank holding 30-60 gallons of water. It heats water with electricity, propane, natural gas, or fuel oil and stores the hot water in the tank until you need it. If you install a high-efficiency conventional water heater, you might lower your water heating costs by up to 7%.
  • Tankless - A tankless water heater doesn't store water in a tank. Instead, it uses a heat exchanger to rapidly heat the water on demand, using electricity or natural gas. If you choose to install a tankless water heater, you might see a reduction of up to 30% in your water heating costs.
  • Hybrid - A hybrid water heater has a tank but uses an electric heat pump to heat the water. A heat pump transfers warm air from outside the tank to the inside, heating the water through heat transference. Installing a hybrid water heater could save you up to 60% on your water heating costs.

Call for Electric or Gas Water Heater Repair or Replacement

If you're ready to find out if you need electric or gas water heater repair or replacement, call us at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Lehigh Valley. We won't waste your time or money and will quickly diagnose the problem with your water heater. We'll recommend the most cost-effective, beneficial solution for you and your family. Call our live, 24/7 answering service, or request a job estimate for hot water heater repair and replacement in Lehigh Valley, Allentown, or Bethlehem, PA.

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