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About Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Montgomery & Chester County

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  • “I had a major flood in my house on Easter Sunday. The water filter cracked in half and water was pouring into the basement. I immediately turned off the main and started calling plumbers that advertise 24-hr emergency service; however, no one was returning my calls, so I reached out to Mr. Rooter. I did not have to leave a message because a person actually answered the phone! They came out in about a half hour, quoted me a price and took care of my problem right away. The serviceman was professional and courteous and did a great job! I will use them again and again. Anyone who answers the phone and comes out in 30 minutes on Easter Sunday is someone I can count on when I have plumbing needs in the future. Thank you, Mr. Rooter!”

    Charlene P.

  • “Quick, reliable service. I highly recommend this company.”

    Cheryl M.

  • “Once again Mr. Rooter came to the rescue. Employees are knowledgeable and dependable.”

    Cheryl M.

  • “Lou, the plumber from Mr. Rooter, arrived within 90 minutes of my call. He was pleasant, professional, and explained each step of his solution to our problem. He completed the work and left the space clean. We would recommend Mr. Rooter to friends.”

    Stephen R.

  • “Very happy with the quick service.”

    John M.

  • “I had an electric tankless water heater go bad and was replaced with a standard tank unit. They were on time. Very polite and very knowledgeable. It would recommend them to anyone.”


  • “My laundry room drain has been sluggish for a long time with the wash water backing up into the laundry sink. Finally blocked completely. Mike was very persistent in clearing the line. After an hour trying to clear conventionally he asked if he could go in through the wallboard in the garage to access the line there and get a more direct route with better leverage. It worked. It was easy to put in a small plywood access panel so it will be convenient to get to in the future if necessary.”

    John F.

  • “Lou, the plumber from Mr. Rooter, arrived within 90 minutes of my call. He was pleasant and professional and explained each step of solution to our problem.”

    Steve R.

  • “The vibe that Juan put out was not about the money, it was about that fact that he was GOING to unclog my Mai drain line from the house, the clog was about 30' from the house, it was dark and cold and he still managed to locate it and clear it. I'm a do it yourselfer and am very sceptical of hiring anyone, not to mention I don't have a large bank account ! This call was worth every penny and my problem is solved ! What I learned is don't throw baby wipes, femanine products or un biodegradable toilet paper down the toilet, you will clog it ! Thank you Juan for your service and knowledge ! Make sure you tip this man he is worth every cent and mike in the office is also great as he had Juan here within an hour of my call on a Tuesday night after 5 ! Thank you guys”

    Donald H.

  • “I called and was able to get an appointment for after work at 5pm. We had 2 toilets - one ended up being fine and the other required a new toilet. I picked up a new toilet the next day and the day after was able to schedule again at the same time for a new toilet install. Thank you!”

    Allison R.

  • “The night before Thanksgiving my garbage disposal dropped. I was having company and needed this repaired. Mike stayed in contact to let me know an approximate time of arrival.Louis was very professional, friendly and explained what had happened prior to doing the repair. Thanksgiving dinner went off without a hitch. Thank you!”

    Cheryl M.

  • “Hired Mr. Rooter to replace my homes septic line. The job included removing a portion of my deck and breaking up an old concrete patio under the deck. The price from Mr. Rooter was extremely fair. Their technicians arrived on time and worked extremely hard to complete he job on time. They had a lot of landscaping to work around and do so with minimal disruption to my property and septic tank itself. I would highly recommend them and would not hesitate to use them again.”

    John D.

  • “Juan came out. Was great to deal with. Very informative and helpful. Got the job done quick and correct. Was very professional and helpful. Will definitely suggest to friends and family.”

    Matt D.

  • “5:15am had our sewer line back up into out finished basement. Called roto rooter first and they could not come out until between 9-10am. Looked at Home Advisor .com and found Mr Rooter. At 7:15am , they were at my house and began working on a disgusting back up in my basement. Plumber Juan was great. Good personality and knew what he was doing. I highly recommend Mr Rooter. I also posted on Home Advisor. Hard to find dependable, good business people.”

    Don C.

  • “We found ourselves in an emergency and called Mr. Rooter at 4pm Sat. Within an hour we had a tech at our location assisting us, and providing detailed explanations at to what the problem was. Turns out it was the plumbing from the street. Extremely helpful and would recommend to anyone in a jam. Thank you.”

    Christian A.

  • “They saved me! No seriously, they save us! Two hours before I was scheduled to have 70 teenagers at a party at my house, sinks started over flowing along with bathrooms. I had to turn the water off in the house to avoid anymore overflowing and potential damage. They were there in 45 minutes and fixed the problem within minutes at an extremely reasonable rate on a weekend. Mr. Rooter Plumbing and "sweet" Lou are our new hero's. I cannot recommend them enough and plan to use them for all of our plumbing needs going forward.”

    DAVID P.

  • “Juan arrived early and got right to work. He found a disposal and installed it quickly. After installation , he found we had a major clog. He worked tirelessly until he cleared the blockage. After a few days, I noticed a leak under the sink. Mike (the dispatcher) immediately set up an appointment for Juan to check out the leak. In five minutes he stopped the leak. I judge a company on how they solve problems. Mr Rooter solves problems.”

    John I.

  • “I had a wonderful experience with this company! The dispatcher was helpful and kept me updated as to the arrival time of the plumber. Upon his arrival, the plumber was professional and made sure to not make a mess in my home. He explained what steps he would need to take to fix our 2 clogged toilets and graciously answered my questions. I have had ongoing problems with our plumbing and found Mr. Rooter reasonably price and will definitely call them back should another plumbing issue arise!”

    Crystal L.

  • “I had a kitchen sink replaced. They did a thorough neat job. The technician was friendly and knowledgeable. I am very happy with this company.”

    Ronnie D.

  • “I recommend Mr. Rooter for all.”

    Emerson S.

  • “Had to turn off main water valve inside house, for minor problem I had to fix. House was built before 1876 and a 90* elbow started to leak, when I turned main water valve back on the, valve started leaking and couldn't not shut water back off, the seals in valve were bad. Called two large plumbing company in the area, one said they didn't do emergency service in our area after hours the other one said they would have technician call us back because it was after hours and still have not received a call. Called Mr. Rooter next and even though we were a lot further from their location, almost fifty miles further then the competition. Mike was there within an hour and a half and fixed the valve. Mike came back a week later and replaced the main valve and added a reducer valve which house did not have and needed, because of city water pressure. Was very professional, price was right and did a great job. Will be forever grateful for your service and you could teach the two bigger company's how to do business.”

    Dennis H.

  • “We had a sewer backup 9:30 p.m contacted Mr Rooter their man was here by 10:30 p.m. checked things out and determined where the blockage likely occurred did his thing---Problem resolved. Their TECHNICIAN was extremely friendly and polite. Would definitely recommend.”

    Bernie T.

  • “I was impressed with the quality of the serviceman who installed my dishwasher. But the installation was costly.”

    Alan R.

  • “In and out quickly, arrived on time, and was honest about work that was needed.”

    Margaret B.

  • “Mr. Rooter recently installed a new hot water heater for me. I am 100% satisfied with the experience from the first contact to the final product. I would highly recommend Mr. Rooter for any plumbing issues you have.”

    Diane C.

  • “The plumber came to the property at the scheduled time and repaired the problem quickly and at a fair price. I called at night and they came the next day. Excellent Service.”

    Andrew K.

  • “Very satisfied with their work "did what they said they would do" and then some would recommend them if you need plumbing work.”

    Brad S.

  • “Did a great job.”

    Bob G.

  • “Associate was very friendly and thorough! Would recommend.”

    Samantha D.

  • “Our technician, Jeff showed up exactly when he said he would be there and really helped us out of a jam. He was professional, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. We needed help with our bathroom water line and Jeff saved us from having to cut open the drywall in the floor below to get to the pipe. He checked his work three times and made sure we were okay before he left. I would recommend him to anyone.”

    Katy L.