3 Reasons To Properly Maintain Your Shower

During the winter months, coming home and taking a nice hot shower is something many people look forward to. Not only is the day stressful with work, school, and errands, but the weather is cold and harsh. This can create a lot of extra stress that can melt away once you’re in the shower.

But, your shower and drain have to be properly maintained or, taking a shower could turn into a stressful situation in and of itself. Dirt and soap build-up can cause clogs and corrosion in your drains and plumbing lines.

A clog in the drain of your shower is one of the most unsanitary clogs you can have. You are essentially standing in a puddle of water filled with bacteria. Also, a dingy looking shower is not very inviting and can make you feel like you are just not getting clean even though you have bathed.

Here are a couple of maintenance steps that you can take to keep your shower look great and working properly:

  • Clean your shower on a regular basis with a non-corrosive shower and tub cleaner. The soap scum that builds up in the shower is different than that of other areas of the home, so a cleaner that is specifically for shower and tub is best. Make sure to use a clean towel or rag rather than a harsh scrubber. The material that your tub and shower walls are made from is sensitive and could get scratched.
  • Check the tile and grout of your bathtub and shower tile for signs of mildew or damage. If there is a crack in the grout, mildew can actually grow underneath the tiles and create a whole mess in the walls. Two times per year make sure to check the grout and seal it where necessary. Once time per year, check all of the tiles for missing or damage ones.
  • Make sure that the sealant and caulking around your shower and tub are in good shape. These materials are usually silicone based and can dry out and crumble over time. Their purpose is as a water sealant so it is important that they stay in good shape.

The shower in your home is a place that everyone in the household goes to either relax after a long day or, wake up and get ready for a new day – it is important. Make sure to take care of it using these simple maintenance tips.

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