Plumbing Sounds & What They Mean

Most people alive today, even those who weren't around back when this legendary show aired on TV, remember the TV show, Batman, starring Adam West. One of my favorite parts of this show was the fight scenes where the "sound" words would appear on the screen whenever Batman hit any of his enemies. Words like "Pow," "Crash" & "Bang would flash on the screen accompanied by the sound of a horn or other instrument and you knew, Batman was about ready to save the day!

Some sounds though, are not as comforting. Your house also makes sounds, and most of the time, these noises are natural and expected. Sometimes though, the "crash, pow, boom" is a concern, so we have picked out several of them to discuss below.


Water running through pipes will always make at least some sound, but if it is loud enough to notice, there is a good chance that the mounting straps used to secure your pipes has loosened.

You can fix this problem by tightening the straps or completely replacing parts that have pulled or worn away. If you’re not comfortable going into your walls, you can always call professionals to help.


When you turn the water on in your home, do you hear a loud banging sound? That’s called a water hammer. Water hammers happen when a closed valve unceremoniously stops the rush of water through a pipe. Not only does this cause a telltale smacking sound, it can also damage pipes and loosen their joints.

Water hammer issues happen when the air chambers in your pipe valves clog with water. Have a plumber clear those chambers and replace any damaged parts.


Who doesn't remember the scary scene in Psycho where Norman Bates wielded his knife with the "screech, screech, screech" sound effect in the background. While a screeching faucet isn't QUITE this scary, it does require your attention, and many times, the best way to deal with it, is to replace the faucet entirely.


Gurgling from your drains is a sign of a clog blocking part of the drain and not letting water get through. If you hear this with any of your drains, there is a problem with your drain vents.

The best way to deal with gurgling is to call in a professional and start the process of having your drain vents replaced.

So when the scary noises start happening, don't fret! Call us at Mr. Rooter of North Central Indiana and let us help you get rid of the "crash, bam pows."