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5 Reasons for A Wet Basement

If you are a homeowner with a basement, one of the biggest concerns we hear about is a wet or flooding basement. Since your basement is out of the way and something you probably don’t use on a daily basis, problems might occur and go unnoticed. A wet basement can cause a lot of frustration – and occasionally be a rather costly fix when something goes wrong. Here’s the most common reasons for a wet basement.

Why Is My Basement Wet?

1) Leaky Pipes

When anything suspiciously gets wet in your household, one of the first things to for is leaky pipes. If you have pipes that spring a leak in your basement you’ll end up with a potentially very wet basement. Next time you have your local plumber coming over, schedule a quick inspection of your pipes to make sure that there’s no nasty surprises coming your way.

2) Water Runoff

When winter ends and the snow melts or you’re having a spring shower that just won’t quit – the water could end up in your basement. This is one of the most common reasons for wet basements, and something you need to consider when not only attempting to waterproof your basement but planning out just where you’re going to shovel your snow. Be sure to check your foundation for cracks that result in water runoff finding its way into your home.

3) Condensation

No – we’re not talking about you filling up a few pitchers of ice water and leaving it downstairs to sweat it out in the summer heat. If you have uninsulated cold water pipes or the foundation walls are cool to the touch – you have a lot of moisture in the air. Condensation can lead to damp carpeting, walls, and appliances.

4) Clogged Gutters

Trust us, we know that cleaning out your roof gutters is not ever going to be anyone’s favorite chore, but even a clogged gutter can lead to a wet basement. If your gutter doesn’t drain through the downspout properly (at least four feet away) it might just trickle down into the basement.

5) Clogged Basement Drain

You might not notice that drain in your basement when you’re rummaging through your storage, but it could be backed up and adding moisture into your basement. Drains can be clogged with all sorts of material – but since this is the basement, the main culprits are normally silt and roots. If there are roots involved, you should call your local plumber to help you sort it out. It might not seem like a problem at first, but roots grow and move leaving your clog to get much worse.

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