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Here in Mesa we clear Clogged Drains and Drain Cleaning

Mr. Rooter serves the greater Phoenix area and all of Mesa when it comes to all types of sewer repair. Most of the calls that come into our office has to do with some sort of clogged drain problem or the sewer pipe drain needs cleaned out. When a sewer backs up it can really cause some serious problems and make a huge mess. Over the years we have also come to realize that some customers will try and put a band aid on a failing sewer. Sure it can work for a little while, however, what most people don't understand is the primary problem has not been dealt with so it’s only getting worse. Kind of like a damn that is about to break, and when it does break it makes any situation bad, real bad. Not only do we offer repairs and remedies one of our main goals is to better educate our customers, we love our customers and we care about them. You have choices and options available to you!

Here at Mr. Rooter we have invested heavily in the latest technologies, called, trenchless sewer replacement. This is a popular no-dig repair and more and more of our customers ask for it by name now. Whenever a customer has a choice between digging up their entire property or going with a no-digging option, they always choose trenchless. Who could blame them, would you want your property or hardscape destroyed just so you can replace your sewer pipe? I mean it's one thing to have to assume the cost of repair but then to add the cost of replacing a driveway, porch or walkway just doesn't make sense anymore.

We also offer preventative maintenance care for your sewer pipes. It's important, like anything else you need to take care of your sewer lines. They are often neglected as you don't ever see them. You know they are there underground and you hope they are in good working order but by opting for one of our maintenance packages we can clean your sewer pipe once or twice a year with a hydro jetting. This will greatly extend the life of the sewer. Hydro jetting uses highly pressurized water to scrub the interior of your pipe and washes the buildup and debris down to the city's main line. More often than not most sewer problems stem from not caring for the sewer line.

Give us a call today at 602-459-9723 and ask about preventative care and pipe cleaning specials.

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