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Signs That May Indicate You Need A Sewer Line Replacement

One of the most important parts of our homes is hardly noticed until something goes wrong. Sewer drains remove waste from our homes and allow us to live as modern human beings. While we might not think about sewer lines or even see them, they provide a valuable service. But when things go wrong, we quickly notice that something is not right in our world. Being prepared for this and knowing what to watch for can help reduce the stress involved in dealing with sewer-related issues. Today we are going to learn some warning signs that your sewer line just might need replacing. So make sure that you pay close attention.

When to Consider a Sewer Line Replacement in Phoenix

Just like every city in the United States, Phoenix sees its fair share of sewer drain issues. Below are a few ways to tell if your Phoenix property is facing major sewer line problems. Let’s take a deeper look at what might indicate the need for a sewer line replacement.

Sewer Line Replacement Service

• Pooling water on the lawn: Have you noticed water begin to pool on top of your lawn? Maybe that water has a foul odor and it is discolored. This can be a sure sign that your sewer pipe has been busted and needs to be replaced. Raw sewage that seeps into your soil can cause major problems to your health and the environment. While your problem might be caused by another issue, the only way to figure out what is going on is to have a professional sewer drain repair company to come out and inspect your line.

•Overflowing toilets: Do all the toilets in your home overflow from time to time? Does it happen more frequently than you would like? Chances are you could have a major sewer line problem that is causing this nasty occurrence. Roots can grow into your sewer line causing it to become clogged and choked off. This, in turn, can cause the toilets in your home to overflow.

•Older homes: If your home is more than 25 years old, your sewer line might need replacing. Old cast iron sewer lines can rust and begin to break down. This can cause waste to seep into the ground causing an environmental nightmare. If your home is older, you just might benefit from a sewer line inspection. This will help you determine if your drain will need to be repaired or replaced.

•A sunken area on your lawn: If you notice a sunken area on your lawn near where your sewer line runs, chances are you have a problem. Over time the ground below a sewer line can shift and settle. This can cause your sewer pipe to become bellied. When this happens, the sewer pipe will begin to trap waste and paper in this lowered area causing a buildup. Over time, this buildup can cause your pipe to become obstructed and flow will be greatly reduced. The only way to fix this problem is by replacing your existing drain.

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