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Pipeline Repair and Replacement: How to Protect Your Phoenix Property

Most older homes or business buildings have plumbing older than forty years, which offers a variety of challenges for your pipes and sewer. Things like inadequate maintenance, buildup, tree roots, freezing/thawing, earth movement/disruption, aging, poor pipe layout, and backup from a sewer line can all cause serious and costly problems. The best way to protect your property is to have a dedicated professional on your side. The expert team at Mr. Rooter can handle all your Phoenix, AZ pipeline repair and replacement needs.

Pipeline Repairs

The good news is you no longer have to use the invasive and time-consuming method of digging up your entire yard to fix a problem in your line. Mr. Rooter’s repair methods are trenchless, which means they don’t require heavy excavation, expensive equipment, or even city licenses to complete your project. Not only that, trenchless repairs are also much faster and more efficient than the usual ‘dig and repair’ methods of days gone by. Trenchless repairs have been under routine peer-review since their founding fifteen years ago, and they are a tried, tested, and true method of sewer repair.

Mr. Rooter focuses on an inversion sleeve method. This is when a plumbing technician empties your pipes, inspects them, cleans them, then inserts an inflatable air bladder coated in epoxy resin into your pipes. With the use of careful maneuvers and high-tech equipment, Mr. Rooter can turn the air bladder inside out and push the epoxy resin smoothly against your pipes. This creates a pipe within a pipe, sealing any leaks, cracks, or other damages inside your line. This also creates a coating between your corrosion or erosion problems, and prevents tree root invasions. The epoxy resin cures in just a few hours and less than an hour if heat is applied, meaning the entirety of your plumbing repair takes about a business day.

Pipeline Replacements

Sometimes, the damage done is beyond repair and replacement is the best solution. Mr. Rooter focuses on trenchless replacements, meaning that no matter what you need, our solutions are efficient, effective, and affordable.

Mr. Rooter’s main replacement option is called pipe bursting. With the use of hydraulic equipment, Mr. Rooter removes an old, damaged pipe and seamlessly replaces it with a new one. Your new pipe also utilizes an extremely durable material, which means it comes with all the same long-lasting guarantees of pipe lining. Even better, pipe bursting is can be completed in a business day.

Maintenance Options for Your Phoenix Home or Business

Once your pipeline is back in good condition, Mr. Rooter’s plumbing technician can go over reasonable options for maintenance. With proper inspections and drain cleaning services, you can avoid future repairs and replacements by preventing clogs, buildup, and cracks. Doing so can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Mr. Rooter also offers our Phoenix, Arizona clients services in the maintenance field; drain cleaning, hydro-jetting, camera inspections, and more. Ask for an estimate over the phone or schedule an in-building estimate by contacting Mr. Rooter today.

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