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A copper water main pipe line is covered in ice, cracked, and leaking water.

7 Signs of An Undetected Water Leak

Avoid the Costly Scenario of an Untreated Leak

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Pomona Valley, we know that water leaks can be very expensive if left unaddressed for an extended period. It is possible to lose money by the minute when the main water line is leaking underground. To make matters worse, such a leak is likely to cause property damage and landscaping issues.

Untreated water leaks can cause:

  • Weak foundations
  • Sinkhole
  • Pipe dislocation
  • Landscaping and vegetation issues
  • Structural damage
  • And much more!

Don’t get stuck paying for water waste and damage! The wisest way to avoid such expenses is to remain vigilant and observant about the critical signs of a water leak. After all, the early you find a leak, the faster a pro can rectify the situation.

Unfortunately, detecting a water leak can be complicated – especially if you are uncertain of what to keep an eye out for. Our goal today is to offer an overview detailing recurring clues that can indicate an undetected water leak or issue.

Low Water Pressure

There may be an underlying reason if the water pressure of your bathroom, shower, and kitchen faucets suddenly decreases. Another sign of weak water pressure is a slow-to-refill toilet. These circumstances often result from water loss en route in the pipes: When water leaks from cracks, it will arrive at the usual outlets with significantly diminished force.

Steep Water Bills

Even a minor leak can waste enough water to make a sizable dent in your monthly water bill. Did you know a minor faucet leak can waste nearly 100 gallons a day? Just imagine how many gallons a serious leak in the main line could displace! The amount of lost water could be staggering. This tremendous water waste will provide zero utility but cost you the same. That’s why it’s essential to track and monitor your monthly water bills to catch a sudden and precipitous hike in the price.

Cracked and/or Sweaty Walls

Water leaks can spread moisture and increase humidity along the entire length of your water pipes. This excess moisture can be particularly dangerous if it seeps into spaces with minimal ventilation, such as behind your floors, cabinets, or walls. Look out for warping, dampness, vertical/horizontal cracking, and other structural flaws. Water can erode and destroy the infrastructure of your home – even causing the misalignment in the foundation. If left unimpeded for long enough, water damage can even cause your entire property to buckle, topple, and potentially collapse.

Over time, even a minor leak can wreak havoc on your home. Keep your senses stimulated and your eyes alert for sudden material alterations or signs of rot and decay, such as:

  • Peeling wallpaper, vinyl, or linoleum
  • Soggy paint
  • Warped wood
  • Swollen door hinges
  • Wet carpeting
  • Bubbling floors
  • Cracking ceramic tiles
  • Spongy ceilings
  • And much more

Unexplained Mold or Mildew Infestations

Pipe leaks behind walls, beneath flooring, or above the ceiling can foster mold growth. This mold bloom will eventually reveal itself on the interior surfaces of your home. You may also catch whiffs of mustiness. These mold spores can also spread into HVAC vents and circulate among countless rooms – damaging electronics, furnishings, documents, possessions, and more. The worse consequence: The transmission of indoor mold will also pose severe health hazards to you and your family.

Green, Brown, or Overgrown Foliage

Have you noticed patches of your lawn looking greener, lusher, or darker than usual? Are your plants looking overgrown or wilted? This increased verdancy or rot may hint at an overabundance of underground water due to a leak. We recommend investigating the appearance of vigorous landscape growth or brown spots before harmful bacteria or overwatering occurs. Slow response times can lead to the premature spoilage of valuable vegetation.

Sudden & Unseasonal Puddles or Mud

Unexplained water runoff, a muddy lawn, or large puddles are conspicuous signs of underground water leaks. Nevertheless, it can be difficult to determine if outdoor water is from rain and humidity – especially if you live in a wet climate. We suggest hiring a professional if you suspect the water in your yard is due to unnatural sources. Excess puddles can ruin soil, accelerate property damage, and attract unwanted pests.

The Sound of Running Water

Water regularly runs through most property’s main line. If sealed and intact, your closed pipe system should mute and muffle the sound. However, you may start to hear a trickle or leak if there’s a rupture underground. Keep an open ear during quiet moments. Even a faint drip could signal a significant leak.

Are you suspicious of an undetected water leak? Don’t wait another second! Call (909) 303-6251 or contact us online immediately!