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Drain Pipe Services in Rochester

Drain pipes carry water and waste out to the sewer. Any sort of hindrance in the system could cause leaks and backups, making a mess of your home. Water pipes flow through the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room, bringing hot and cold water throughout your home.

Floor drains remove standing water from the immediate area. Any number of problems can be caused by blockages in the water flow pipes.

We use video camera pipe inspection to show the location of obstacles through a signal anywhere in your water or sewage pipes. With this innovative technology, our plumbers can pinpoint the exact location of any blockage— the most common being hair, grease, food, and toilet paper.

BioChoiceES® Green Drain Cleaner eats away at many of the things that can clog your drain pipes. Mr. Rooter® highly recommends this formula to unclog a drain because of its ability to easily break down buildups. It has a green, environmentally friendly formula that allows for the product to be endorsed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Mr. Rooter’s HydroScrub service blasts through the grease and muck from the inside of your drain pipes. It removes not only hard deposits from inside the drain lines, but also soft deposits. Soft deposits can build up and cause just as many problems as their hard counterpart.

Pipe relining eliminates the need to replace a broken pipe. It creates a new surface inside the pipe so that liquids will not leak out.

Pipe replacement is when you take out the old pipe from one end and feed in a new pipe from the other. Our no dig technology allows us to give you a brand new pipe without destroying your yard, sidewalk or driveway.

Trenchless pipe repair is a great option for relining or replacing your drain pipes. You can get your drain pipes relined or replaced by contacting :BusinessName}. There’s a reason they call us Mr.®

This diagram shows many of the common types of vents and drains in most homes. The green pipes represent outgoing wastewater, the yellow pipes represent ventilation tubes, the red pipes indicate hot water, and the blue lines show cold water.

home plumbing illustration