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Kitchen Sink Repair & Service in Sacramento

Kitchen Sink Plumbing Problems

Kitchens can have a lot of potential plumbing problems: the sink, garbage disposal, and dishwasher all connect together and can complicate thing because of all of the detailed plumbing connections. In this article we will focus on kitchen sink plumbing problems, the appliances that are tied into the sink, and offer some suggestions for helping the homeowner determine what might be causing your problem.

One common issue that many homeowners notice in their kitchen is an odor emanating from the sink. This common complaint originates from your drain trap, (the curved pipe immediately beneath the sink), which is designed to hold a small amount of water. The traps purpose is to prevent a sewer gas from coming up through the pipe into your kitchen. If you have a disposal connected, grind citrus peels and ice to keep blades sharp and bad smells to a minimum. With no disposal, use vinegar once a week down the drain.

Are you constantly plagued by slow moving drains or clogs at your kitchen sink? We can help! Probably the most commonly aggravating of all kitchen sink problems is the clogged drain. Did you know that you can almost eliminate clogged kitchen pipes? Understanding the causes of some general kitchen plumbing problems is a great way to avoid repeated issues. If you are careful about what you allow to enter the drain, clogs won’t happen. Always keep a strainer in place over the drain.

Simple Solutions to Common Kitchen Sink Plumbing Problems

Because the kitchen is used so often, it is likely to cause a range of discouraging problems. All the components in the kitchen do not always malfunction, but when they do, it is good to get them fixed as soon as possible so it does not hinder your lifestyle.

Clogged or blocked drains: Remember to put food traps, (screens) in your sink when doing dishes to avoid food particles from entering the drain. Never pour grease or fat down your drains, as it will congeal and can trap food bits. Cold water is better if some grease goes down the drain because it will congeal, whereas, hot water will carry the grease along pipes and when the pipes cool back down all of that grease begins to build up over time.

Clogged pipes that leak: Kitchen sink drain clogs happen when cooking grease or oil cake onto drain pipe walls and this can shut a drain down completely. Add detergent soap scum and un-dissolved food particles (such as rice which expands in water), and you've got a stubborn clog. This mass can become heavy inside the pipe and cause leaks at the connections.

A blocked sink drain: Try to prevent this from happening with a debris catcher, sometimes referred to a sink strainer. The food, soap scum, grease and minerals from water can accumulate before the trap at the drain itself. If you have ever used something to poke the food through the holes, then you are contributing to your own disaster.

A leaky faucet dripping sound: Often, leaky faucets are caused by an obstructed aerator, (which is that little screen thing on the end of your faucet). Unscrew that, clean it with vinegar and a stiff wire brush then put it back on. If the faucet still leaks, there may be a bad washer, gasket or loose fitting somewhere inside the faucet assembly. Today parts cost about as much as a standard faucet. If your faucet is an expensive model it may pay to fix it, but in most cases a new faucet will be the most convenient correction.

A garbage disposal malfunction: This could be as simple as resetting the garbage disposal by pressing the button on the unit under the sink. When a garbage disposal jams it will hum or make a whirring sound but nothing will happen. Garbage disposal problems contribute to most of the sink clog calls to plumbers.

A dishwasher leaking at the door: The first thought is that the door gasket has become faulty. This is not the most common problem, though. In most cases the dishwasher is unlevel, not properly loaded or the use of too much detergent. Never substitute liquid dish detergent for the recommended powdered version.

If you are dealing with a kitchen sink plumbing problem trust our reliable plumbing experts who are trained to deal with all problems with kitchen sinks. Call today for a free drain analysis – 24/7 fast, courteous service – no trip fee and no overtime charge is our absolute guarantee. Ask about our clogged drain prevention programs available to both residential and commercial customers. We do it right the first time!

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