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Is Your Water Heater Ready for Fall?

When the weather starts to get colder, and you start to schedule holiday events and visitors staying in your home, your water heater must be at its absolute best. Efficiency, safety, and longevity are all important with a water heater. Each year consider the age of your water heater with the other qualities listed to make sure that it is still working well for your home.

  • Fall and winter are the times of year that efficiency from your water heater matters the most. To make sure your water heater is at its peak, have the tank flushed to remove any built-up sediment. Flushing the tank will also help you keep rust from forming. Many people like to save the drained hot water to reuse in the landscaping. Collecting the water is easy with a rain barrel and a hose.
  • Insulate your pipes and tank to improve the efficiency of your water heater. If your hot water doesn’t seem to last as long as it does during the warmer months of the year, insulation is a good and inexpensive way to make sure your water heater stays efficient.
  • If the water is too hot coming out of your faucets, have the temperature lowered, so it doesn’t burn people. Consider your guests when you set the temperature on your hot water heater. If you have children or people with sensitive skin as guests, having a lower temperature of hot water will keep them comfortable.
  • Have the temperature and pressure relief valve tested to make sure it works properly. If the valve isn’t working right, the pressure in the tank may be dangerous!
  • Ask a plumber to check the anode rod. This rod helps keep your tank from rusting. If your tank is starting to rust on the inside, then you should see rust coming out of your tap when you run the hot water.