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Water dripping out of a faucet

How You Can Check for Plumbing Leaks

Drip, drip, drip. Listening to that noise coming from a leaky faucet can drive even the calmest of homeowners a little crazy. But believe it or not, if you had to have a leak, this would be the one you want. Why is that you ask? Because it’s easy to spot!

Not all home plumbing leaks are easily detectable, which is why you should know how to check for them in every area of your home.

How to Detect a Plumbing Leak

You should be able to detect a plumbing leak by checking your water meter. Make sure absolutely no water is being used in your home — meaning no showering, no washing dishes, and no watering the lawn — and then check your meter. If there is a dial and it’s still moving when you’re not actively using water, you have a leak.

Next, you’ll have to figure out if the leak is inside or outside your home. Shut off your home’s main water valve, then take a look at your water meter. If it’s not moving, the leak is inside your home; if it is moving, the leak is outside.

Where To Check For Plumbing Leaks

Inside Your Home


Like we said earlier, these can be pretty easy to detect since they will usually drip every so often. This is usually fixed by replacing the rubber washer on the fixture.


If you’re lucky — we’re using that term very loosely — you’ll be able to detect a leak from your toilet by noticing a puddle of water on your floor. However, more often than not, toilet leaks stem from more subtle issues such as a worn flapper or faulty flush handle. While some of these issues can be tested and fixed on your own, it’s always safest to call a professional for help.

Outside Your Home

Outdoor Faucets

The San Antonio weather can do a number on your outdoor plumbing fixtures. It’s not uncommon for our blazing heat to dry out and crack rubber fittings on your outdoor faucets and cause them to develop leaks, so check those for damage every so often.

Water Box

Your water box can sometimes house your shut-off valve and is typically hidden behind a bush or in a flowerbed. If you pop the box open and see water inside, you may have a leak. That’s going to need some professional attention since it holds your entire home’s main water valve.

Say “Goodbye” to Leaks with Mr. Rooter!

When it comes to keeping your home leak-free, trust the experts at Mr. Rooter of San Antonio to help with leak detection and prevention.

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