3 Signs Your Storm Drain is Due for Repairs | Mr. Rooter Plumbing of San Diego County

While other parts of the country find themselves at risk for flooding in the heart of the summer, July in San Diego is dry as a bone. In fact, July is San Diego’s driest month. Most people would take this as a sign to focus on other concerns, not worrying about preparing for rain until the skies start darkening in January. But this time of year is the perfect time to start assessing any damage and repairs needed, ensuring that by the time the rainy season rolls around, your property is in good shape. A good place to start is by inspecting your storm drains. After all, places like San Diego aren’t designed to withstand heavy rains, and improper maintenance of your drainage systems can easily escalate into a costly emergency.

Here are three things to look out for when checking on your storm drain:

1) Outdoor flooding in the backyard

Given San Diego’s dry summer weather, any evidence of water pooling in your backyard could be an indicator that your drainage system isn’t working properly.

2) Indoor flooding

Blockages in the outdoor drains can have a negative impact on your indoor plumbing. If you notice unexplained water pooling in your sink or shower, there could be a blockage backing up your entire system.

3) Unusually colored water

Another sign that some repairs might be in order is if your sink water has taken on an unusual hue and tastes of copper. When water doesn’t filter correctly in your drainage system, excess pressure can lead to damage in your pipes. This causes your water to become altered by contaminants leaking into your plumbing via the broken pipes.

If you notice any of the above, it’s time to call in a professional. Contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing of San Diego County today to request a job estimate. We also offer regular storm drain maintenance if you want to take preventative actions against clogs in your plumbing.





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