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Signs Your Home Needs to Be Repiped

It’s unfortunate, but as your home ages, your plumbing will slowly start to deteriorate. While it may be tempting to ignore seemingly minor issues, fixing faulty pipes is nothing to put off.

Below are some signs that indicate it’s time for your pipes to be replaced.

You’re Hearing Noises

From your pipes, that is. Your water pipes should practically be silent. If you do hear something in your pipes (water flowing, sediment hitting the walls of your pipes), you either have strong minerals in your pipes or a leak somewhere.

Leaking Pipes

An occasional leak is nothing to be concerned about, as that’s normal for any plumbing. However, if you are constantly finding leaks in different areas of your home, it’s definitely time to get your home repiped.

No Water Pressure

If you are having issues with your water pressure, you may be experiencing an issue with your pipes — they may be corroded, leaking, or clogged.

You have Brown Water Coming Out of Your Faucet

If you turn your faucet on and see brown water, there’s a strong possibility that you need to repipe your house because the brown water could be caused by old pipes cracking and allowing dirt, rust, and minerals into your water. However, it’s also possible that the water itself was contaminated before it even entered your home, so it’s best to have a professional inspect your home before making any decisions.

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