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4th of july foods

4th of July Foods That Will Destroy Your Disposal

When night falls on the 4th of July, you want to hear the sounds of exploding fireworks and cheering crowds — not the grinding of gears in your now broken garbage disposal. To keep you partying all through the night, we’ve created a brief list of common 4th of July foods that should never find their way into your garbage disposal.

Chicken Wing Bones

Bones are strong — stronger than disposal blades, in most cases. This means they’ll keep spinning along with the blades for a while. If they do make it past the blades, it’s unlikely they’ll fit through your pipes.


Celery is one that people forget about, since many vegetables and vegetable peels can go down a disposal. But because of celery’s uniquely stringy makeup, it’ll get caught in your disposal’s blades (the same goes for asparagus and corn husks!).

Cofee Grounds

When it’s time for celebratory coffee and cake, make sure coffee grounds stay far, far away from your disposal. While they may seem like a fine powder that will go down easily, they actually become very slimy and will clump together once they get wet.


If there’s one food group that dominates 4th of July cookouts, it’s greasy food. With burgers, hotdogs, and ribs likely taking up most of the space on your barbecue, it’s important to

  1. Clean the grease trap of your barbecue entirely, to keep everyone safe.
  2. Dispose of grease the right way. The best way to get rid of grease is to let it cool, then throw it out in a trash can.


Lasagne, spaghetti, rigatoni, tortellini, or linguini — enjoy whichever you like, but don’t throw it down the drain! Even after fully cooked, pasta expands when it comes in contact with water.

More Tips to Keep Your Disposal Safe

  • Don’t mention to guests that you have one. People who don’t know how to use one may think it acts like a regular garbage.
  • Have plenty of trash cans sitting outside. The easier it is for guests to throw their leftover foods away, the more likely they are to do just that!
  • Let cold water run whenever you’re throwing (acceptable) foods down the garbage disposal.

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